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A todos os meus amigos
votos de um FELIZ NATAL !

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A bola

Até a BBC
questiona o Jornal A BOLA .

O que nos vale é que , 
por cá ,
há muito o sabemos  ,
já estamos habituados
e não os levamos a sério !

... "Shared International newspapers

A Bola (Portugal) Posted at 11:58 8 Dec

You win 5-0 in the Champions League
but are not even the main story on the next day's front page.
That is what happened to Porto,
who thrashed English champions Leicester,
but the story has to play second fiddle on the front page
of Portuguese sports newspaper A Bola.

The paper instead lead with Sporting Lisbon's 1-0
defeat by Legia Warsaw,
a result that saw Sporting
finish bottom of their Champions League group
and miss out on a place in the Europa League."...

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